All That Glitters is DJ Tanner is the 3rd Episode of the Fan-made 9th Season of Full House.

All That Glitters is DJ Tanner
Season 9, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date August 20th, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood.
Directed by Lizzie Hood.
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Michelle Pox Stephanie Becomes a Criminal


It's Already been 2 Weeks Since DJ Moved to Harvard University. During an August Break, Danny Pampers DJ with CDs, Games and all her favorite things. Jealous, Stephanie and Michelle Try to make their Father Snap Back to Reality.

Plot A: Danny Pampers DJ in an Amept for her to move back.

Plot B: Stephanie and Michelle Become Jealous and try to snap Danny Back from his Fantasy World.

Plot C: Alex Keeps Teasing Nicky.


  • The Episode is a Play on the Old Saying, "All that Glitters is Not Gold."