Michelle Pox is the 3rd Episode of the Fanmade 9th Season of Full House.

Michelle Pox
Season 9, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date August 13th, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood.
Directed by Lizzie Hood.
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Please Don't Take My Sister All That Glitters is DJ Tanner


Michelle Catches the Chicken Pox and Ironicly, Thinks that its from eating too much Chicken. DJ Plays a Prank on her and says the cure is to say your most embrassing Secret. Michelle Tells DJ She Once Burped in Front of the Whole School during her Solo in the Kindergarden Christmas Pagent. She was SO Embrassed that she called Dad to take her Home. DJ Feels Sorry for her.

Plot A: Michelle Catches the Chicken Pox.

Plot B: DJ Finds out Michelle's Biggest Secret.

Plot C: Rebecca and Jesse Talk about a 3rd Child.


  • The Episode Name, Michelle Pox, is a Play-On to the Child Hood Disease, Chicken Pox.