The 4th Grade Back to School Blues
Season 9, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date September 3rd, 1995
Written by Lizzie Hood
Directed by Lizzie Hood
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Trouble in Tanner Town 2: Return of the Rusty A Friend for Michelle
The 4th Grade Back to School Blues is the 7th Episode of the 9th Season of the Fanmade additional seasons of Full House.

Plot/Summary. Edit

Michelle is Nervous about her first Day of 4th Grade. Stephanie is Voted Queen of Dimaggio Junior High at the Back to School Dance. DJ Helps Kimmy Prepare for her Freshman Year at San Francisco Commutanity College. Danny goes through his Mid-Life Crisis.

Plot A: Michelle Gets Nervous about her 4th Grade Year at Fraiser Street Elementary School.

Plot B: Stephanie is Voted Queen of Dimaggio Junior High at the Annual 1995 Back to School Dance as she Enters 7th Grade. She Becomes Worried when Gia goes into the 8th Grade and gets Jealous.

Plot C: Kimmy Prepares for San Francisco Commutanity College.

Plot D: Danny Goes Through his Mid Life College.

Script Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is a Play on the Season 3 Episode, Back to School Blues.

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