Season 9 Episode 1-The Nanny is the 1st Episode of the Fan-Made 9th Season of Full House. In this Episode, Danny and Vicky get rengaged and Danny hires a Nanny for Stephanie and Michelle.

The Nanny
Season 9, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 1st, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood.
Directed by Lizzie Hood.
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Michelle Rides Again, Part 2. Please Don't Take my Sister.

Plot/Summary. Edit

Danny and Vicky get rengaged and start to go on more and more dates. Danny hires a full time Nanny Named Getrude Willton who is a bore. Stephanie and Michelle ask DJ, Gia, Denise, and Kimmy for Advice. Meanwhile, Kimmy's Crush, Felix Danielton, asks her out.

Plot A: Stephanie and Michelle try to find a way out of their Borning Nanny's Arms.

Plot B: Danny Struggles to Tell Vicky his feelings.

Plot C: Kimmy's Crush Asks her out.

Script. Edit

Teaser. DJ and Kimmy are in Stephanie and Michelle's Room, Filling Michelle's Pillow Case with shaving Cream.

  • DJ: This is SO Gonna Make Michelle Pay for putting expired yogurt in my ice cream cone!
  • Kimmy: Will and is Going to!
  • DJ: Same Thing, Kimberly Louise.
  • Kimmy: Whatever, Donna Jo Margaret!
  • Kimmy + DJ: (Gibberish.)
  • DJ: Kimmy, you're over filling it!
  • Kimmy: Woah!
  • DJ: Ahh!
  • They fall on the pillow and get splashed by cream when Michelle Walks in and pulls out a whipped cream can.
  • Michelle: Don't Mess with Michelle Elizabeth Tanner!
  • As Michelle Walks Out, the screen Fades to Black and the theme rolls in.
  • Scene 1:
  • Nicky: Mommy, Where's our Ice Cream?
  • Rebecca: Boys, you get Ice Cream when you eat your yummy eggs!
  • Alex: We don't think so!
  • Kimmy is Daydreaming about her crush.
  • DJ: Kimmy, can you pass the salt?
  • Kimmy: ....
  • DJ: Kimmy, Kimmy,
  • Kimmy: Yes, Felix!
  • DJ: What? Kimmy, Wake Up!
  • Kimmy: Oh! Here ya go, Deej.
  • Michelle: Ooo! Kimmy and Felix Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!(Smoothing.)
  • DJ: Michelle, you are so imamature.
  • Michelle: I Know you are, but what Am I?
  • DJ and Kimmy roll their eyes and look away.
  • Danny: Step, Michelle, I have some great News!
  • Michelle: What is it?
  • Danny: Me and Vicky got rengaged!
  • Stephanie: Cool.
  • DJ: Great!
  • Michelle: Awesome!
  • Danny: And, I hired a Nanny!
  • Michelle: Cool! Whats her name?
  • Danny: Gertrude Willton!
  • Stephanie and Michelle drop their jaws and Michelle drops her bacon.
  • Stephanie + Michelle: WHAT?!?
  • Stephanie: Dad, Gertrude Willton is the most boring and strict nanny in the universe!
  • Michelle: I Heard from Teddy from Denise from Gwen from Harry that she makes Kids give her foot baths!
  • DJ: Michelle, thats Stupid!
  • Michelle: Is Not!
  • DJ: Said the Girl who thought Eggplants grew from actual Eggs!
  • Michelle: It's in the Name!
  • Stephanie Nods her Head.
  • Alex and Nicky Hide their Eggs, Bacon and Toast underneath the Table.
  • Nicky: Mommy, We're Finished! Can we have Ice Cream Now?
  • Becky spots the Boy's Breakfast as Comet Eats it.
  • Rebecca: Boys! Are you sure you ate your Breakfast?
  • Alex: Comet! Come back here!
  • Nicky and Alex Chase Comet.
  • Rebecca: (Laughs.)
  • DJ Gets Up From the Table.
  • Danny: Deej, where are you Going? 
  • DJ: I'm going to check out Harvard!
  • Danny: Already?
  • DJ: Well, No. There's This Premade Harvard Campus that I'm Going to, Since I Graduated.
  • DJ: Bye, Guys!
  • Everyone: BYE!
  • Scene 2: The Living Room.
  • Danny: Stephanie, Michelle, Be Nice to Gertrude!
  • Stephanie: But, Dad! I'm 13! I'm too Old for a Babysitter!
  • Michelle: And Gertrude is the Worst! 
  • Danny: You Don't Know that for Sure.
  • Michelle: Yes, I Do!


  • The Episode Name is a Play on the TV Series, The Nanny.
  • Gertrude Wilton is a Parody of the 2013 Character, Lindy Gertrude Watson.

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