Trouble in Tanner Town 2: Return of the Rusty is the 6th Episode of the Fanmade 9th Season of Full House.

Trouble in Tanner Town 2: Return of the Rusty
Season 9, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date August 31st, 1995.
Written by Lizzie Hood
Directed by Lizzie Hood
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Stephanie Becomes a Criminal The 4th Grade Back to School Blues


Wanting to Win Danny Back, Cindy returns with Rusty. As Cindy Begs for Danny's Affections, Rusty Pulls more Pranks on the Girls, Such as Prank Gum, Water Cameras, and Ink Kaletiscopts. Meanwhile, Kimmy trys to Avoid her 3 Older, Annoying Sisters: Florida (Kira Kosarin.), Serena (Miranda Cosgrove.), and Annie. (Ariana Grande.)

Plot A: Cindy Returns with Rusty.

Plot B: The Girls Deal with Rusty's Pranks.

Plot C: Kimmy tries to Avoid Her Sisters: Florida, Serena and Annie.



  • This is a Sequel to the Episode, "Trouble in Tanner Town."

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